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BOS Magazine Vol. 5: The Black Church

Black Oak Society, LLC


December 7, 2021

BOS Magazine Vol. 5 is dedicated to the Black Church — an institution of miraculous strength and immeasurable influence in Raleigh's Black community. Many of the churches that were started by newly emancipated Black families are still standing around the city. There are also examples throughout when the Church has caused harm or turned a blind eye to challenges the Black community faced.

This fifth issue is both a statement of honor and an a statement of critique. The institution of the Black Church would have lasted through hundreds of years if it were not still loved and needed, yet we hope that this issue will inspire the Church to renew it's commitment to being a safe harbor and a force for positive change for all of the Black community.

BOS V5 Cover


Tekia Harris


Daniel Hall

Writer, Comedian

Linda Dallas

Artist, Writer

Sienna Morgan


Chrystal Kimpson Roberts

Writer, Journalist

Carmen Cauthen


Nina Oteria


C.J. Norris


Aerial Sanders

Writer, Stylist, Editor, Knitter

Kiera Sanders


Rev. C.J. Brinson


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