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A Turkey and Some Mistletoe

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Everybody gather 'round

As tales of Santa come to town

And songs of merry holiday cheer

Are sung from very far to near

The holidays are lovely and bright

Christmas trees and colored lights

Shiny presents, egg nogg drinks

In crystal glasses as they clink

Family and friends laugh and eat

Thankful again they get to meet

To celebrate and bring joy

To every girl and every boy

A new year comes, we begin anew

A better me, a better you

Happy holidays to all of our readers and supporters. This year has been an amazing learning experience, and we grew so much! We truly appreciate all of you for believing in us and sticking by us, that's what community does and ya'll DID THAT!!!

Below is a list of events, calls for actions, jobs, a good word and more, that are in and around the triangle. Please look through and support the cause that grabs you.

Give Black Raleigh Her Flowers Catalogue

GBRHF Catalogues are out and circulating!! We have been getting so much feedback from everyone! We would love to hear what you like most! Go comment on this post to let us know!

Thank you for all your support putting out these stories. Click the link below to purchase your copy today!

If you haven't received yours, no worries! It is on its way to you! If you have any questions, comments or concerns about your order, please feel free to contact us at


Call for Submissions!

Are your ready for BOS Zine Volume 7? We definitely are. Here is our official call for submissions. We are calling for completed unpublished work. For more information about submission categories, guidelines and how to submit, check out our blog that details all you need to know in the link below!


A Good Word...

As self-conscious as we are about our imperfections, having the courage to celebrate those imperfections makes us super- powerful.


Phillip Loken with Gee's Bend

*click the slider to enlarge photos*

Photographer, Phillip Loken, has devoted his time to his first documentary film, "Gee's Bend: Welcome To The Hole". They are currently accepting donations for their next largest expense, the sizzle reel, and have set a goal of $5,000 to fund that reel.

Below is the log line for the film:

Gee’s Bend, Alabama, also known as Boykin, is an African-American majority community in the rural American South most notably known for its rich, intergenerational legacy of quilting. “Gee’s Bend: Welcome To The Hole” gives an insider’s perspective on the nuances that have shaped this region and the lives of those living in it.

  • A full pitch deck (including a synopsis, budget, reasons why this film is different from other films with similar subject matter, our impact strategy, and much more) is available upon request.

  • If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation, we would prefer a check or wire transfer (donation forms available upon request) for larger amounts, but we can also accept one-time, monthly, and/or annual donations through this PayPal link:

  • Contact Information: Phillip Loken (Director, Producer, & Co-Director of Photography):

Check out their website for more information:

A Call to Action

Here are a few causes that need your immediate attention. Please consider sharing and supporting.


Triangle Events

Fill up your November calendar with these amazing events from people in your community.

Feed Durham

Darkness Rising Project

The Oak House

Kwanzaa Fest

Classes, Sign-Ups & Calls

Want to learn a new skill? Want to hone an already existing hobby? Want to grow your knowlegde about a particular subject? Do you have a need to show your community your talent? This list of classes, sign-ups and calls is just what you have been searching for.


Midnight & Indigo Literary

Triangle Atrworks

VAE Raleigh

Cheeni Raleigh

Be Connected Durham


Job Board

Looking for a new environment or career? Check out our job board below for oppoortunities in the Triangle.

Southern Coalition for Social Justice

Community of Literary Magazines and Presses

Third Wave Fund

"Speak out and be Blessed!"

Courtney Napier


Founder/ Editor

Black Oak Society

Aerial Sanders

Creative Director

Black Oak Society

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